two questions about SW, and one about ASL & call to writers

James Shepard-Kegl, Esq. kegl at MAINE.RR.COM
Fri Jul 1 04:27:53 UTC 2005


If you amass a reasonable number of questions, I would be happy to
demonstrate to you solutions that we have developed in Nicaragua, should you
wish to make the two hour drive/bus trip to Portland some weekend.

-- James

on 6/30/05 10:22 PM, Kimberley A. Shaw at kshaw at wrote:

> Hello Val and everyone:
> am coming up with nitpicky nitty-gritty questions about SW, now that I'm
> starting to type in whole texts!
> So, question #1: what is the best way to show one hand going *behind* the
> other one? For example, the signs for "sunrise"/"sunset" in the ASL
> SignPuddle: the right hand is the sun, approaching and then going above
> the horizon of the left hand ... put one arrow? two arrows, one
> above/below the horizon hand?
> Question #2: A phrase begins with a two-handed sign, and then one hand
> continues making that sign while the other one is making a new sign (or
> two). For example, both hands establish a wall, and then the left hand
> continues being a wall while the right hand becomes a person looking over
> that wall. Is there a special "tie" symbol for that, and where is it
> located?
> Question #3: for the more-fluent ASL speakers -- I figure that putting an
> eyebrow-raised face at the beginning of a sentence will be the best way to
> establish it right away as a question ... but what would be the right
> thing to call it in SignPuddle? I would like to have a dictionary entry
> for this kind of marker, as I use the "e-mail" and "translate" features
> *very* heavily for creating SW texts and would definitely be using an
> entry like this quite a bit.
> There will be several more new words hitting SignPuddle ASL, as I am now
> typing in a version of "Star-spangled banner" (based on Lou Fant) for my
> ASL reader ... can you tell 4h of July is imminent? Again, I want your ASL
> SW-stories! I have Donald Baer's NAD story, Paulette Sottak's Denmark
> trip, Gabriel Tollette's Runaway, and Charles Butler's Stars-spangled
> banner (shame that only 1/2 of Kevin Clark's Gallaudet story is in SW).
> But I do want more ASL stories/writers!
> Best,
> Kim from Boston

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