two questions about SW, and one about ASL & call to writers

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Fri Jul 1 04:54:44 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
June 30, 2005

Oh. That would be great, Kim...If you can travel from Boston to Maine  
to meet James and Judy! Judy's linguistic work is really ground- 
breaking...and as you know SignWriting has played a role in the  
Kegl's work in Nicaragua for I hope you can meet each  
other... James has volumes written in SignWriting in Nicaraguan Sign  

James - Did you go to Nicaragua this June?...

and Kim...I will try to answer your questions one by one next...I  
wish you had some video clips or illustrations..I am not much of a  
word person but I will try to figure out what you are

Val ;-)


On Jun 30, 2005, at 9:27 PM, James Shepard-Kegl, Esq. wrote:


If you amass a reasonable number of questions, I would be happy to
demonstrate to you solutions that we have developed in Nicaragua,  
should you
wish to make the two hour drive/bus trip to Portland some weekend.

-- James

on 6/30/05 10:22 PM, Kimberley A. Shaw at kshaw at wrote:

> Hello Val and everyone:
> am coming up with nitpicky nitty-gritty questions about SW, now  
> that I'm
> starting to type in whole texts!
> So, question #1: what is the best way to show one hand going  
> *behind* the
> other one? For example, the signs for "sunrise"/"sunset" in the ASL
> SignPuddle: the right hand is the sun, approaching and then going  
> above
> the horizon of the left hand ... put one arrow? two arrows, one
> above/below the horizon hand?
> Question #2: A phrase begins with a two-handed sign, and then one hand
> continues making that sign while the other one is making a new sign  
> (or
> two). For example, both hands establish a wall, and then the left hand
> continues being a wall while the right hand becomes a person  
> looking over
> that wall. Is there a special "tie" symbol for that, and where is it
> located?
> Question #3: for the more-fluent ASL speakers -- I figure that  
> putting an
> eyebrow-raised face at the beginning of a sentence will be the best  
> way to
> establish it right away as a question ... but what would be the right
> thing to call it in SignPuddle? I would like to have a dictionary  
> entry
> for this kind of marker, as I use the "e-mail" and "translate"  
> features
> *very* heavily for creating SW texts and would definitely be using an
> entry like this quite a bit.
> There will be several more new words hitting SignPuddle ASL, as I  
> am now
> typing in a version of "Star-spangled banner" (based on Lou Fant)  
> for my
> ASL reader ... can you tell 4h of July is imminent? Again, I want  
> your ASL
> SW-stories! I have Donald Baer's NAD story, Paulette Sottak's Denmark
> trip, Gabriel Tollette's Runaway, and Charles Butler's Stars-spangled
> banner (shame that only 1/2 of Kevin Clark's Gallaudet story is in  
> SW).
> But I do want more ASL stories/writers!
> Best,
> Kim from Boston

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