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Most of the time, the movement is clear without a diacritical, but I'd use one to show which hand moves behind the other one.


Under (the scooped arrow and flat hand on edge makes it clear that the thumb hand is moving under the other one.)

Here's an interesting sign I ran across for "night" from a friend of mine who was doing hospital counseling.  An older Deaf woman used it consistently. "Double dark" = "night".  I decided to write it with a diacritical to see if it makes the writing any clearer.  Note that I kept the orientation of the hands as "facing the reader" but viewing from the top of the head so that one can see which way the hands stack from close to far away.

 night_3 (double dark).  



"Kimberley A. Shaw" <kshaw at> wrote:Ummm ... I hadn't learned those diacritics yet, where in the "Lessons in
SignWriting" manual are they located?
Kim from Boston

sw-l at on Friday, July 01, 2005 at 1:36 AM -0500
>Here's my instinct, using diacriticals to show below, in back of, and
>above along the arrow's direction.
> Sunrise (by Charles of Takoma Park)
>Does this work, or am I getting the diacriticals wrong. 
>Charles Butler
>Valerie Sutton wrote:
>SignWriting List
>June 30, 2005
>> Kimberley A. Shaw wrote:
>> So, question #1: what is the best way to show one hand going 
>> *behind* the
>> other one? For example, the signs for "sunrise"/"sunset" in the ASL
>> SignPuddle: the right hand is the sun, approaching and then going 
>> above
>> the horizon of the left hand ... put one arrow? two arrows, one
>> above/below the horizon hand?
>Hello Kim...Ok...I see your question now. Attached is your writing in 
>SignPuddle...great to see all your additions to the dictionary!
>I assume that you want the C hand behind the left Flat Hand?....Of 
>course I would love to hear how James and others write this...My 
>answer will come next message...

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