Sunrise query...writing one symbol in front of another

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Wed Jul 6 15:21:22 UTC 2005

Hello all:
over to Charles on this one, please! I *tried* to put back the sign I
lost, but could not locate that diacritic that was borrowed from the
movement-writing; where is it located from the SignMaker "groups" menu?
So, Charles, if you can tell me where it is, then I can re-create the sign!
Val, please don't stress! When I put a query to the list, I really am
hoping that *anybody* who's got an answer will write back, and not only
you; the more I can fly along solo making my documents, the happier *I*
am. And believe me, SignPuddle is a very fun set of tools to play around
Kim from Boston

sw-l at on Wednesday, July 06, 2005 at 10:42 AM
-0500 wrote:
>SignWriting List
>July 6, 2005
>Hello Kimberley and Charles -
>Why don't you re-add the sign again yourself? Re-write it  
>yourself...SignPuddle is not a published dictionary - it is a place  
>for us to play with writing, and for learning how to write signs, so  
>if there is a sign that you want to add, add it! And if there is a  
>double up, that is ok too...And if you delete a sign by mistake, you  
>can re-write it yourself and add it again...that will be good  
>practice for you...So you did nothing wrong and you are an editor and  
>can add signs and subtract signs, so you can fix it!
>And I do not understand why Charles can't do that  
>too...Charles...have you found your password yet? I can send you an  
>invitation to establish a new password...I will do that next message.  
>Look for a message privately that invites you to become an editor of  
>the ASL dictionary...
>I am truly deluged with work and I am so tired and in pain at times  
>that makes it hard for me to use a mouse or type, so it is necessary  
>that you become as independent as possible!
>Val ;-)
>On Jul 6, 2005, at 5:15 AM, Kimberley A. Shaw wrote:
>Hello all:
>I like the simplified spelling; very much like what I was originally
>"Sunrise" looks great on SignPuddle now (will the equivalent version of
>"sunset" be joining it?). However ... I feel horrible for making
>"sunset_4" disappear while trying to rename it, and so can somebody who
>knows how, please put it back? It looks like this:
>Thank you for all the coaching, Val!
>Kim from Boston
>sw-l at on Tuesday, July 05, 2005 at 1:56 PM -0500
>> SignWriting List
>> July 5th, 2005
>> Hello Everyone!
>> I hope you are enjoying July!
>> When writing one symbol in front of, or behind the other, there are
>> two ways to write it...the detailed way, and the simplified way...
>> 1. Detailed spellings use the Surface Symbols, which Charles has
>> already shown you.
>> 2. Simplified spellings, for everyday use, do not need the Surface
>> Symbols. Instead, the symbol that is in front has a slight white halo
>> or border around it so it looks like it is in front of the other
>> one...Plus the white part of the palm facing for the hand in front
>> does not show the lines for the arrows going through it...Writing
>> this by hand is easier than by computer at the moment...A person can
>> easily become skilled at writing this by hand.
>> By computer, in SignPuddle, Steve gave us a Place Over Button to do
>> this for us automatically, but I have to re-enter many of the symbols
>> in the IMWA to make the button you can see that I am not
>> done with the IMWA...
>> So I constructed the sign for Sunrise in SignPuddle from little lines
>> instead, without using the Place Over button for now...Take a look at
>> two spellings for Sunrise in ASL...the second one is the simplified
>> spelling which I just entered...

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