Sunrise query...writing one symbol in front of another

Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Jul 6 14:46:47 UTC 2005

SignWriting List
July 6, 2005

On Jul 5, 2005, at 11:27 AM, Charles Butler wrote:
What do you think of "night_3", double-dark.  I'm not sure if I could  
show it clearly with a hidden arrow convention.

Hello Charles -
Using the Surface Symbols to give exact details is fine for detailed  
writing. I personally want to focus on simplified spellings because I  
think they are more practical for SignWriting for everyday use...But  
you are welcome to use the Surface Symbols when there is no other  
alternative to show the of course, having  
SignPuddle's new feature that will make it possible to see one symbol  
in front of the other will help in the future!

Val ;-)

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