SignWriting in Denmark

Ingvild Roald ingvild.roald at STATPED.NO
Fri Jul 8 14:25:51 UTC 2005

Also in the same complex is (or at least was, a few years ago) the Sign
Interpereter Education in Denamark. They use the Danish version of
SIgnWriting (full stick figures etc).


sw-l at skriver:
>Hello Tomas,
>I was in Copenhagen a couple of months ago. I met Wendy Lewis over there,
>a teacher of the deaf school located next to the KC (Center for Tegnsprog
>og Tegnstottet Kommunikation). She told me that the school uses
>SignWriting, but only as a way of -and I quote- 'making some signs more
>visual for the children'. It is by no means equal to written Danish. I
>think it would be very interesting for you to visit the KC and that deaf
>school (amongst other schools/clubs/etc) in your search for Danish
>SignWriting users. I had a truly wonderful time over there :-)
>Kind regards,
>Tomas Klapka <Tomas.Klapka at> wrote:
>Hello Valerie and SW list,
>I'm going to travel to Denmark at the end of August and I'd like to 
>visit some school for the deaf and deaf clubs, socials...
>I'm interested if there is any SW group.
>Information on the SW website seems to be obsolete, because I cannot 
>find anything on the Danish websites (but I don't speak danish and it is 
>sometimes difficult to find something in the language I don't speak in 
>google :-/)
>I don't know about anybody from Denmark here in the list. It is 
>interesting because AFAIK, Val, you began work on SW because of the 
>initiation of danish linguists... where are they now? ;-)
>Well, if you know anything, please, let me know ;)
>I don't know exactly what I am looking for... just people who can show 
>me how is it with SW in Denmark to take an inspiration, etc. (and of 
>course, I'm not interested onl! y in SW but in the culture and in the 
>language too ;)
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