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July 11, 2005

Dear SW List, Katrien, Tomas and Ingvild -
Wonderful to hear about Wendy Lewis, who was very kind to me years  
ago in Denmark. And I see they changed the name of their  
organization...KC used to stand for Kommunikations Center, which had  
a full name of Doeves Center for Total Kommunikation (The Deaf's  
Center For Total Communication) so thanks for informing me of the new  

 From 1982-1988, SignWriting was used extensively in Denmark, and  
they were using it to write real Danish Sign Language and in a few  
classrooms the idea was to make written DSL equal to written  
Danish...and their publications at that time were quite amazing and I  
cherish them as historic publications. But times have changed. They  
still use SignWriting, but not as officially as varies  
from teacher to teacher.

Tomas, if you can, I would suggest meeting Bente Sparrevohn, a  
teacher of Deaf children who, in the early 1980's, was the most  
skilled at writing DSL storytelling in SignWriting from video...Her  
transcription work was outstanding and I am hoping to post her  
documents on our web sites someday, but I have to write to her and  
others for permissions etc and have not gotten to it...Bente and her  
colleagues also wrote a wonderful report on their work in the 1980s  
about how that used SignWriting extensively...

In Denmark they write differently than we do today. They chose to  
stay with using the full stick figure...Here is information about the  
Danish style of SignWriting...

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