UK Article in SIGN-Matters Magazine on SignWriting!

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SignWriting List
July 11, 2005

Dear SW List!
A wonderful article about SignWriting in the UK was published in June  
in the Deaf Magazine...SIGN Matters. The article, by Cathy Heffernan,  
is four pages long and is quite accurate and well-written. I have  
permission to scan and create a PDF document, which I have done. The  
article was printed in blue ink, and to get a good PDF document, I  
had to do the scan at high quality to make the blue ink easy to read,  
which makes the PDF a very large file to download. So you can  
download page by page, if you have slow internet connections, or if  
you have broadband, there is a full document link below.

THANK YOU, Cathy and Sandy Fleming, for this outstanding article! I  
will be posting it on our web site shortly and will inform you of the  
link...And it is great that the SignWriting Symposium is mentioned!!  
Many thanks from all of us....  Val ;-)



New Article in SIGN Matters Magazine, UK

"BSL on Paper"
by Cathy Heffernan, Editor

1. BSL on Paper, Full Document, 2.7 mb 

2.  page 1, 532 kb 

3. page 2,  532 kb 

4. page 3,  620 kb 

5. page 4 and credits,  1 mb 
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