UK Article in SIGN-Matters Magazine on SignWriting!

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Thank you,

it was a wonderful article


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>SignWriting List
>July 11, 2005
>Dear SW List!
>A wonderful article about SignWriting in the UK was published in June  in 
>the Deaf Magazine...SIGN Matters. The article, by Cathy Heffernan,  is four 
>pages long and is quite accurate and well-written. I have  permission to 
>scan and create a PDF document, which I have done. The  article was printed 
>in blue ink, and to get a good PDF document, I  had to do the scan at high 
>quality to make the blue ink easy to read,  which makes the PDF a very 
>large file to download. So you can  download page by page, if you have slow 
>internet connections, or if  you have broadband, there is a full document 
>link below.
>THANK YOU, Cathy and Sandy Fleming, for this outstanding article! I  will 
>be posting it on our web site shortly and will inform you of the  
>link...And it is great that the SignWriting Symposium is mentioned!!  Many 
>thanks from all of us....  Val ;-)
>New Article in SIGN Matters Magazine, UK
>"BSL on Paper"
>by Cathy Heffernan, Editor
>1. BSL on Paper, Full Document, 2.7 mb
>2.  page 1, 532 kb
>3. page 2,  532 kb
>4. page 3,  620 kb
>5. page 4 and credits,  1 mb

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