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Tue Jul 12 02:57:56 UTC 2005

I think i agree with the earlier comment to put the
ending position above rather than below, but it's very
clear and readable.


--- Adam Frost <icemandeaf at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:


I am having difficulty with the writing of the New
Zealand sign for NZSL (New Zealand Sign Language). It
had the same movement as translate (in ASL) except it
starts with the fist and ends with the open hand. This
is my attemp, but I don't know if it reads well.


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>Subject: [sw-l] NEW ZEALAND SignPuddle
>Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 06:38:05 -0700
>SignWriting List
>July 8, 2005
>>On Jul 7, 2005, at 5:17 PM, Adam Frost wrote:
>>I don't know if you got my email a while back (maybe
a couple weeks 
>>  ago) about a New Zealand SignPuddle. I think that
you had said 
>>that  you weren't feeling well at that time, which I
hope you are 
>>doing  better now. If it isn't too much too ask, I
would like for 
>>there to  be a New Zealand SignPuddle so that I can
add to it. Can 
>>you please  make one? Adam
>Hello Adam and Steve!
>I am sorry, Adam, that you have had to wait for the
New Zealand  
>SignPuddle. I didn't realize you asked for it, so
that is my  
>mistake...There is no question that I have not been
at my best this  
>Spring...but I am ok and I hope you all are too!
Things are looking  
>very bright for the future ;-)
>I cannot create the new empty New Zealand web area
for you...That is 
>  Steve's area of expertise. Once Steve creates it,
then I can help  
>your friend add the new signs.... And I believe that
Steve is on  
>vacation right now, so we have to wait for him to
tell us when it is 
>  ready.
>Once it is ready, this will be the direct link:
>New Zealand SignPuddle
>So Steve, please tell us when this is available -
>It will be exciting to see New Zealand signs!
>And thank you, Adam, for your patience...;-)
>Val ;-)

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