changing the name of a sign in Puddle?

Kimberley A. Shaw kshaw at WELLESLEY.EDU
Tue Jul 12 14:46:50 UTC 2005

But I *did* use SignMaker to make these, right from the box on the
left-hand side of the Puddle page, when the "translate" feature or "search
by word" did not bring up signs that I'd wanted to use!

sw-l at on Tuesday, July 12, 2005 at 10:29 AM -0500
>On Jul 12, 2005, at 5:18 AM, Kimberley A. Shaw wrote:
>Hello Steve, or whoever can help:
>I've been trying to log on as "editor" (which I'm passworded for) and
>change "Washington-city" to "Washington DC" (I know there's already one
>there, but this one's a variant) ... and it won't let me change that
>particular name! Same thing happened with a couple of other signs  
>which I
>had named badly. What can I do from here?
>I think I'll stand at a blackboard now & write 100 times that I will not
>go creating Puddle signs when tired ...
>Kim from Boston
>Hello Kim -
>This is not your fault. There are so many things that happened in the  
>software development. The reason you cannot change the names of some  
>of them is because they are not signs that were made with SignPuddle  
>or SignMaker...take a look at the attached diagram...see the signs  
>that say Graphics Only underneath them...those cannot be changed and  
>have to be re-typed in SignMaker and when they are re-typed in  
>SignMaker then they are written in SWML which means they can be  
> that is why we have the huge job of re-typing around  
>3000 of the signs in the ASL SignPuddle, changing them from the  
>Graphics Only to the SWML...a huge job and one of the reasons I could  
>not promise you a printed dictionary sorted by SSS sooner...
>So maybe you could re-enter those Graphics Only signs in SignMaker  
>and then delete the Graphics Only ones, once the new ones can replace  

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