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Dearest Val,
Actually I have drawn it in the BMP but possibly they can be found also in the following web. i.e. Ethiopian Manual Alphabet.
Hope to see the new added signs in the IMWA.





Valerie Sutton <dac at> wrote:
SignWriting ListJuly 20, 2005

The message below from Eyasu in Ethiopia bounced back to me, the manager of the SignWriting List. For some reason the software that runs the List, said there was a diagram that made the message too long...Did you attach a diagram to this message, Eyasu? If so, could you send it again? Be sure it is a jpeg or a gif or png, and not other formats like BMP...sometimes the List software doesn't like BMP! smile...if that is not the reason, then just ignore this...but here is Eyasu's message, Everyone!....

On Jul 20, 2005, Eyasu wrote:

Dearest Val and All,

Infact I am happy to contribute my professional experiance, Linguistics, to my illiterate deaf people.  The symbols that I have choosen from the sign puddle are thought to resemble with the hand shapes. That is my assumption as a biginner. 

I was just thinking to call upon a deaf signers with access to Internet. I will try to make contact with the Deaf Association in Ethiopia and make them do their best. As to my knowledge, you may know it too, no school in Ethiopia uses Sign Writing. A new thing is happening which needs inistitutional, sociatal integration. Perhaps there need a Sociolinguistic Survey before taking an action.

You are right Val. 'U' seems exactly similar to the 1st Ethiopian Alphabet which is 'You' in English. U1, U2.......U7 which is the very nice one. But when you proceed the 2nd, 3rd.....33rd there is no English Alphabet which resembles the Ethiopian ones, as in the attached painted alphabets. So what I am thinking for the time being is to name them as 1st, 2nd, 3rd...33rd EMA. What do you think?  Once the initial alphabets are written the rest six Vowels are simple i.e. only moving the hands in different direction as it is shown in the Manual. 


Eyasu tamene from Ethiopia wrote:

I have tried to sign write some of the alphabets of Ethiopians. I assumed some of them are not to be found in the sign puddle. Would you give your sinceare comments?

Hello Everyone and Eyasu!

This is great to see some SignWriting symbols next to the pictures, Eyasu...

Are you happy with the symbols you have chosen for these hand positions? Do you think that other Ethiopian signers would know what you are writing, without the pictures? If so, then why not add those to your Ethiopian SignPuddle? I added your first one to the Ethiopian SignPuddle already, as you know, using the name U1..Have you seen that one in your puddle?...Was that the way you wanted it named...U1?...

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