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July 29, 2005

> On Jul 29, 2005, at 5:39 PM, Harmonalbert at AOL.COM wrote:
> A while back, I wrote to the list and asked for help in downloading  
> and running the Signtext program. I got it downloaded, I can find  
> the file that says "Index" (as per instructions) but when I double- 
> click on it AOL tries to open up and nothing else happens.
> On my machine I have Internet Explorer. I also downloaded Firefox. 
> (primarily for extra protection against viruses). HOWEVER, I have  
> to kick on IE before Firefox can get on line.Then I can browse  
> through Firefox OK but if I download anything it has to go through  
> IE as well. Could IE be blocking my efforts at trying to get  
> Signtext???
> Any ideas??? Jerry

Hello Everyone, and Jerry!
Thank you for this message. I am sorry you are having frustrations  
with software. I do not know why AOL would open, when you double- 
click on Index.html...AOL is conflicting in some way...That is  
specific to your computer.

But may I ask?

Why are you downloading software at all, Jerry? Why not just learn  
SignWriting instead, and not worry about software right now? Software  
is not for everyone. You can learn the symbols and write by hand...  
See a listing of lessons sites below this message...

Or, if you want to use software, why not download SignWriter DOS? It  
is our best typing program at this time, and has a dictionary  
too...It requires Windows 98, or SE or ME, or you can use it on  
Windows XP with DOSbox.

Download Software

Or maybe someday you can get DSL or cable internet, which will give  
you a faster connection to the internet...Then you could access  
SignText online, on the web, and you would never have to download  

Anyway, have you been reading the Lessons in SignWriting textbook?

SW Lessons Directory

Course 1: Lessons In SignWriting

Course 2: SignWriting E-Lessons

Course 3: Learn To Read ASL in SignWriting

Course 4: Writing ASL Grammar In SignWriting

Course 5: Learn To Write SignWriting By Hand

Course 6: Lessons In Sign Language Transcription

Val ;-)

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