Verb changes in ASL (continual motion, repeated motion, tongue fli...

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Sat Jul 30 02:16:35 UTC 2005

Hi Jerry,

In Firefox, select menu item File >> Open File.  Find and open the index 

You can also set FireFox as your default browser. 
Tools >> Options 
General icon
Default Browser section >> Check Now

Let me know if this works,

Harmonalbert at AOL.COM wrote:

> Charles,
> You like a challenge?????
> Why??
> I think I have one for you.
> A while back, I wrote to the list and asked for help in downloading 
> and running the Signtext program. I got it downloaded, I can find the 
> file that says "Index" (as per instructions) but when I double-click 
> on it AOL tries to open up and nothing else happens.
> On my machine I have Internet Explorer. I also downloaded 
> Firefox.(primarily for extra protection against viruses). HOWEVER, I 
> have to kick on IE before Firefox can get on line.Then I can browse 
> through Firefox OK but if I download anything it has to go through IE 
> as well. Could IE be blocking my efforts at trying to get Signtext??? 
> Any ideas???
>                           Jerry

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