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October 28, 2006

> Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> Hi Anny, Valerie and list –
> I looked at the French translation. It is like magic – I can  
> understand most of the french writing – that is so much fun!
> Perhaps I can find some time to do a German version – smile.
> What do you think – an extra line – translated by  translated by  
> Anne-Claude Prelaz Girod  should be helpful to give the translator  
> the credit??
> Great Job Anne-Claude!!!
> Congratulation
> Stefan ;-)
> ------------

Hello Stefan, Anny, Ingvild and everyone!
It would be great to do a German translation, Stefan. Thank you for  
that offer. And as you know, Ingvild Roald also did a Norwegian  
translation, which you can also download on this web page:

SignPuddle Help

And you can see in the Norwegian translation, it says that it was  
translated into Norwegian by Ingvild Roald, in Norwegian!

Anny never finished the translation into French...that is a partially  
finished translation. I asked Anny's permission the other day, to  
post what she has anyway, even though it never got finished, because  
something is better than nothing!

So of course, Anny, if you can write in French that you are  
translator, I will be happy to repost it for you anytime!

Plus, Stefan, you will notice in the Document Properties, that I did  
say that Anny was the translator!

So you will get full credit for your translation, Stefan...just say  
that you translated it in German in the beginning of the document...

if you want a Word Document to work from, I can send that to can then go into the Word Document and simply translate  
everything into German using the same diagrams..

But one last thing..I am going to be improving the Manual now that we  
have new features, so it is always changing and it means that updates  
have to be done later to translations as well, unfortunately, but  
something is better than nothing for sure!

Val ;-)

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