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Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod acpg at VTXNET.CH
Wed Apr 4 22:01:54 UTC 2007

Hello Val

I'm so happy about SignPuddle 1.5! I'ts marvellous to have such a  
tool to work with!!
Thanks for all the work you and Steve did!!

Thanks for your answer. I've been using most of the search buttons...  
many times.
  I was just wondering if Steve did somtehing about this as we talked  
about it some time ago... if not it's fine and as you suggest... I  
could insert theme into the term section!! that's an excellent idea!!
Just think "theme" would fit better into the definition field... but  
no matter...... I can do without this function!!!

Have a nice vacation Steve

and take time to rest too Val!!!

Have a nice Easter hollyday everyone!


Le 4 avr. 07 à 23:46, Valerie Sutton a écrit :

> SignWriting List
> April 4, 2007
> Hi Anny -
> I know Steve will answer you when he can...He is on a well-deserved  
> short vacation. Developing SignPuddle 1.5 has been a huge job, and  
> we both have been working so non-stop for so many is  
> amazing that we are still standing!
> There is definitely a way to search on Themes, but it is a matter  
> of the way you setup your database, so I will be glad to give you  
> the details of how I would do it...
> Would you be interested in my little technique for that?
> Meanwhile, here are some of the searches possible in SignPuddle 1.5:
> 1. Search by 12 different terms (word-glosses)...
> 2. Search by a listing of signs
> 3. Search by exact symbol
> 4. Search by a combination of symbols
> 5. Search by palm facing
> 6. Search by rotation
> 7. Search by symbol frequency (all symbols...not just handshapes)
> and if you load the data into SignBank you can search by long  
> definitions, if you add the definitions into SignBank...SignBank  
> also has other searches that are made for linguistics...including  
> places for searching on themes etc
> As far as I know, we cannot search by the definition field in  
> SignPuddle 1.5 yet, but that is probably on Steve's To-Do list...
> Meanwhile, you can use the Terms section to establish themes...I  
> will create a screen capture to show you next message...
> Val ;-)
> ---------------
> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod wrote:
>> Dear Steve
>> i'm working on PUddle 1.5 and enjoy it very much.
>> we had been discussing (while still using Puddle 1) of the  
>> possibility to search by definition... and you todl me this shoud  
>> be possible someday
>> let's imagine I woudl like to find all the different signs into  
>> the swiss french Puddle concerning geography
>> is there a way (if I write down GEOGRAPHY under definition for  
>> every word concerning geography) to search by definition.... being  
>> able to find out all the signs for one specific theme  without  
>> having to go through the complete dictionnary??
>> is anything like this possible in Puddle 1.5 ??
>> if No is there a way you could develop such a function?
>> if Yes can you explain me how to do that?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Anny
>> Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod
>> ruelle des chambres chaudes 1
>> 1271 Givrins
>> Tel ++41/22.362.52.37
>> Fax ++41/22.362.52.66
>> mail: acpg at

Anne-Claude Prélaz Girod
ruelle des chambres chaudes 1
1271 Givrins
Tel ++41/22.362.52.37
Fax ++41/22.362.52.66
mail: acpg at

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