ASL sign for GRIEF

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Fri Apr 6 07:00:13 UTC 2007

I think that this is a much better spelling. The other just one looks like it hurts even though it doesn't when I do it. :-)
I don't think the expressions need to be in the spelling nor do they need to be written with the isolated sign. In the definition that I wrote, however, they were very much needed. I will change it tomorrow after I slip into bed. Good night all. 



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April 5, 2007

Adam Frost wrote:
> That actually was the easy part. The hard part was to get the  
> handshapes so that they are readable. Val had sugguested the wrist  
> and arms to show it because it wasn't clear without it. I was  
> wondering how you would have written the sign without seeing it  
> already. Just from the movements. I was carious to see what other  
> views on the sign were. It may be that this is the best writing. I  
> don't know because I haven't seen others.

Hi Adam -
It would be good to see someone else write it, I agree...

How about a totally different tactic. I know you start the sign with  
two flexed wrists in opposite directions, but in the middle of the  
movement both hands have one second when both palms are equally  
facing the if we start the writing of the movement at that  
point, the palm facing will be read correctly without arm lines...and  
if we put the movement symbols together as a unit with the rub in the  
center it will give the feeling of the wringing of the towel...I  
think it might be accurate enough...and a little easier to  
write...what do you think?...It is in the ASL SignPuddle under grief  
and sorrow...go ahead and change it as you see fit...and the  
SignSpelling I was not sure if the facial expression was necessary as  
a part of the spelling or not...

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