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Sat Apr 7 18:28:15 UTC 2007

Valerie, et al, I don't know what the programmers did, but no matter what program I am now using, I can no longer "clip" a sign and imbed it into my email.  Up until yesterday, I could do so, now no matter what combination of Firefox or IE I use, nothing happens.  I can go back to my original data files and clip the little mini-jpgs, but I can no longer go to the dictionary, find what I want, and clip it directly to email.  What gives.
    This no longer shows up.  It used to be a jpg, from my files.  What gives?  I could clip to my heart's content because it actually converted it to a graphic, so that I could clip it and use it freely.  

Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM> wrote:
  From: "Sergio Ribeiro" 
Date: April 7, 2007 10:26:36 AM PDT
To: owner-sw-l at
Subject: Write down to sign

Hello Friends,

I am coordinating projects, courses and lecture to promote 
SignWriting by Centro Educacional Cultura Surda here in Brazil. And I 
am researching who working with SignWriting to get information about, 
my purpose is compile information and to let out or publish this.

I want to know if can you help me answer below questions.
Do you give me authorization to publish your opinion ?

Thank you,

Sergio Ribeiro
Centro Educacional Cultura Surda
sergio.ribeiro at

1 – What you think about possible to write down signs, independent of 
any system to write this like SignWriting, Stokoe Notation, HanonSys, 
ELiS, etc, write sign is a old and controversial topic and What you 
opinion ?
2 –When you started work with SignWriting ?
3 – When you introduced SignWriting in your job What was your 
expectation ? Can you to take effect ?
4 – What you think about SignWriting today and in the future ?
5 – Is important SignWriting to bilingual approach ?
6 – How many deaf you teaches SignWriting ?
7 – What are difficulty to learning SignWriting ?

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