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Fri Apr 13 17:16:29 UTC 2007

I had often wondered that myself until I visited with Val and noticed it happen. It depends on the size of your screen. If it is large enough, then those buttons are under the box. If not, they are on the side like you saw. Because I like it with the button below, I increased my screen resolution so that it would fit. :-) But it is not an error, it is actually genious programming. If the buttons did not move over and the screen was too small, you'd never see the bottom buttons as they would move down as you scroll. ;-)



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When I am using sign maker and I noticed that my buttons stays on left
not below where the sign maker window is. I noticed from training videos
that it shows below the sign maker window.  See attachment what I mean.
How can I put the buttons below the sign maker window?  Thank you.

Philippe "Philip" Gallant

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