SW Video Captions Receptive Expressive

Stuart Thiessen sw at PASSITONSERVICES.ORG
Sat Apr 14 19:32:52 UTC 2007

I agree that both are valuable depending on what the purpose of the 
captioning is.

If the purpose is to mimic the video directly (for whatever reason), 
then receptive makes sense.

If the purpose is to teach the regular reading of SW, then it seems to 
me that it is better to stay expressive so that it matches the way we 
should write. We don't want to confuse things too much.

To allow flexibility, I would propose that we develop 2 symbols that 
could be something like a paragraph symbol (ΒΆ) that could precede a 
change in views. When we see that "paragraph" mark at the beginning of 
a text, then we know it is in receptive view. No paragraph marks at all 
would mean it is by default expressive. We could have an optional 
paragraph mark that indicates expressive when we have a document that 
has mixed views. That keeps quotation marks as quotation marks, but 
allows us to indicate views as needed. I seriously doubt that we would 
tend to switch views in the middle of a paragraph, so it seems to me we 
could place view switching (when needed) as a beginning paragraph 

What do you all think?



On Apr 14, 2007, at 14:12, Adam Frost wrote:

> That is basically I had it mind. So that makes it hard to know which 
> to use for what. Any thoughts?
> Adam
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> April 14, 2007
> Ingvild Roald wrote:
>> I agree that for transcription and captioning, receptive is easier.
>> But we should all agree on some way to tell that we are writing
>> receptive, say we used the qutation mark symbols for that? Just a
>> suggestion
> Hello Ingvild and Everyone!
> You are absolutely correct that there are several issues connected
> with captioning, whether it be Receptive or Expressive, that need to
> be discussed by all of us...This is an exciting time...
> I have changed the name of this thread to SW Video Captions Receptive
> Expressive, so we can discuss the issues...
> I am also including James Short in the discussion. James works in
> captioning video and media on the internet, and directs Harkle.com
> (Hi James!)....and is also on our Board, and has helped us with our
> videos before...
> So here is what is on my mind...
> I believe there will be a need for BOTH kinds of
> captioning..Receptive and Expressive, depending on the circumstance...
> For example, when I transcribed Goldilocks from video, we created
> printed books from that transcription. The printed books are in the
> Expressive. That is what Deaf people have requested for printed books.
> Let us imagine creating a Goldilocks video with captions to
> coordinate with those books. In that case, wouldn't the teacher want
> the captions to match the printed books?
> So we could do BOTH a Receptive and Expressive captioning of the same
> video, for different purposes....
> Or do you all disagree? What is your opinion?
> Val ;-)

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