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April 20, 2007

See my answer below ;-)

intissar saadaoui wrote:
> I want to know which software of SignWriting which enables me to  
> obtain a code swml starting from the signes.I tried to build signs  
> with SignText.
> Which is the difference between SignText and SignMaker?
> Im waiting for your answer.
> Regards and greet thanks.


Steve Slevinski wrote:
> Hi intissar saadaoui,
> SignMaker is used to create individual signs and saves the result  
> using the build format: a comma delimited series of id numbers and  
> XY coordinates.
> SignText is used to create multiple signs in lanes and saves the  
> results using SWML.  You can view the SWML from SignText by  
> pressing the SignMail button and scrolling to the bottom of the page.
> Regards,
> -Steve


Hello intissar!
Thank you for joining the SignWriting List. Now other people can help  
you too...I do not always know the answers, when it comes to SWML  
code ;-)

Steve already explained it above...SignMaker is for individual signs.  
SignText is for sentences...

How are sentences different? They involve individual signs too, but  
sentences also include information on the placement of those signs in  
the sentence. In SignWriting, when we write in vertical columns, we  
place the signs in one of three different lanes: Center, Right and Left

So the SWML produced from a SignText document will include grammar  
information related to punctuation and placement within a sentence as  
well as the individual sign information.

If you are using the SWML for animation of a computerized mannequin,  
then the question is....are you going to sign sentences or just  
individual signs for your project? SignMaker might be enough for you  
right now, if you are only interested in individual signs...

Can you tell us about your project?

Thanks for writing!

Val ;-)

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