Wikipedia American Sign Language

Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sun Apr 22 02:18:03 UTC 2007

Thank you, Pharos. This is excellent information.

I will leave this to Adam and Cherie now, to choose the article they  
want to write. They both know is just a matter of  
choosing our first test article...

If we want to go to Teipei, the article needs to be somehow  
associated with Wikipedia I think...or does that matter?

Val ;-)

On Apr 21, 2007, at 6:59 PM, Pharos wrote:

> I just wanted to put in a little cautionary note here.  If you're
> going to be translating from the English Wikipedia, it would be a good
> idea to become a little acquainted with how it works.  Specifically,
> as you may know, every article has different versions over an article
> history, and sometimes mistakes or even worse can sneak in before it's
> fixed.  It would be important to identify the best version before you
> do a translation, so there aren't any mistakes.  You can link to a
> specific version through the 'Permanent link' button in the sidebar,
> and then it might be easier to collaborate in translating a text
> that's not going to change.  I can help you with this if you want.
> It might be a good idea for some people on the list to make accounts
> on English Wikipedia and just play around a little to see how it
> works.  This is a separate login from the Wikimedia Meta site.  I've
> tried to recruit some people already involved in Wikipedia to help
> with ASL Wikipedia, but so far I've only found one person with a basic
> knowledge of SignWriting.

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