Sleeping Beauty Video 1-2

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April 22, 2007

Sleeping Beauty Videos

Sleeping Beauty Video 1-2

This is wonderful, Kelly Jo!

Here is the way I personally would write the sign for ONCE UPON A  
TIME...the main thing is the left arrows are going in the same  
direction as you wrote it, but they start on the thin side of the  
circle because the thin side represents further away from the chest,  
so the right hand starts close to your chest, indicated by the  
placement on the dark line on the circle, and the left hand is  
further away when you start the alternating motion...;-)

eyebrows down or closed eyes are a matter of choice...that may become  
standardized someday...using dreamy-eyebrows can relate to  
storytelling...I will explain more as we go along...the head is  
tilted slightly down toward the hands...

Val ;-)

see attached -

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