Sleeping Beauty Video 1-1

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>Sleeping Beauty Video 1-1
>Hi Kelly Jo and Everyone -
>I just made the changes to this document online. I put an arrow for the 
>head moving forward, in the first sign, to show a question, and the sign 
>for SLEEP I made more detailed, by writing the beginning can 
>definitely write it without the beginning position as you did 
>was not wrong at fact I like it shorter!...this is just a 
>choice...if you can write the beginning position too it helps new 
>readers...this will probably standardize over time...I thought I could save 
>my changes as a second document choice, but instead it replaced what you 
>had online...sorry about that! smile...Val ;-)

Thank you... that's okay!  I was going to put in the forward arrow for the 
head right away anyway, since I meant to put it in in the first place. :-)  
It looks good to me!
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