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Sun Apr 22 23:38:16 UTC 2007

I see... I'm sorry I missed the opportunity, then.  But now I can finalize 
my travel plans for June.  When do the kids come back for the fall (just out 
of curiosity)?

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>Our kids will be out of school May 25...  We haven't had signwriting class 
>for a while, due to state mandated testing, and preparation for it.  Second 
>week of June is summer camp at our school, but I'll be co-teaching a 
>science class, not doing SW...
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>Hi Cherie,
>Not to take away from the excitement of Wikipedia... I'm just wondering,
>would it be all right for me to plan to come down for a quick visit 
>around the end of May, beginning of June?  I'll be heading to North Dakota,
>you might remember, to take the Literacy Megacourse this summer and I'd 
>to see how excited the kids at your school are about SW!  Do you think the
>teachers or the school administration would mind?
>Maybe the kids could write me a story or something to read "aloud" to them?
>Or if I'm finished Sleeping Beauty (which I'm planning to be), I could 
>it down for you & the kids to see.
>I'd write to you privately but the one time I tried that, I don't think the
>message went through... at least, I didn't get an answer... so I'm posting
>this to the List where I'm sure you'll see it! :-)
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