SVG version of our IMWA symbols

Thu Apr 26 16:04:15 UTC 2007

Citando Valerie Sutton <signwriting at MAC.COM>:

> SignWriting List
> April 25, 2007
> Machado!
> You are just the person I wanted to talk to!
> THANK YOU for your SVG!
First, you don't have to thank every time. Really. The work of yours  
and DAC and Sutton Centre and others is very bigger and more important  
by creating de IMWA versions and spreading the word :)
> I have two questions...
> 1. Would you be willing to work with me personally to complete the SVG
> of the new symbolset

Absolutely, yes!

> 2. Do we have your permission to use your SVG in our software? I know
> the world has started using licenses, which I am not knowledgeable
> about, but I guess we need a license from you to give us permission?
> The other day someone asked me for my license on a photo of mine on a
> web site...and I couldn't believe that people are now putting licenses
> on everything such as photos etc...but have been very
> generous to us and we appreciate it!

Yes! My only point by putting distribution licenses is to guarantee  
that everyone can use it freely. Not necessarily for free, but with  

In a world filled with licenses and patents imposing restrictions on  
how people use their intelligence, we have to, unfortunately, use the  
same mechanisms to guarantee people's freedom.

I'm not taking long time of you guys here. If anyone that is not used  
with freedom of software pieces as defined by Free Software Foundation  
Licenses or Creative Commons Licenses, feel free to contact-me and  
I'll be pleased in give directions.
> I hope you will say yes to both above!
> Val ;-)

Machado :)

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