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I always have troubles with the rotations...  that is my signing, not a transcription.  The two 'baby x's facing each other, then the right hand twists down twice and the left hand twists up twice while the palms continue to face each other--  best way I can describe it in words.  Here is a clip.

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I was just reading your jingle. Very interesting. :-) Very well written too. They only sign  that I had a problem with was (I am guessing) modify. The way that it was written is the same movement that would be for a vertical "dead" or "opening the right door while closing the left door." I took me a few tries of signing it to see what you were saying. I think that the movement for modify (at least the way I sign it) is the same as signing class except the left hand goes the opposite way. I don't know if I am right in my movement writing, but I was thinking that the movement was better written this way. But if you are transcribing and the person signed it the way I mentioned before, then keep it. :-)


PS I'll try to get a clip of my signing the two movements as a picture is worth a thousand words.

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