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Valerie Sutton signwriting at MAC.COM
Sat Apr 28 22:08:59 UTC 2007

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April 28, 2007

Stefan Wöhrmann wrote:
> nice to read from you - can you explain this sign "Manual"
> how do you sign it?
> Stefan ;-)

Hello Stefan!
Welcome back to the SignWriting List...we have missed you!

The sign for Manual in Norway is the tiny sign written on this icon,  
which is used in the new SignPuddle 1.5 for Norway, providing a link  
to the new Puddle Manual (which hasn't been written yet - ha!) (I am  
actually writing it this will be similar to the  
SignPuddle 1.0 Reference Manual which you already translated into  
German, but with the new features of SignPuddle 1.5)...

This sign on this icon shows two Y hands parallel to the floor  
touching twice...

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Have you visited SignPuddle 1.5? It is new software. Go to:

SignPuddle Online

Your German files from SignPuddle 1.0 have been transferred over to  
SignPuddle 1.5 now...

Val ;-)

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