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SignWriting List
April 29, 2007

On Apr 29, 2007, at 6:29 AM, GerardM wrote:
> Hoi,
> Thanks for your reply. I have taken the picture of American Sign  
> Language uploaded it and added it to the portal of American Sign  
> Language on OmegaWiki.
> I do agree that programs can be made to do anything, it just needs  
> doing. I would love to see UNICODE for SignWriting. In the mean  
> time we can work on getting programs like MediaWiki to accept  
> SignWriting.. I think that would be awesome.
> Thanks,
>     GerardM


Hello Gerard and Charles!

Thank you for introducing us to OmegaWiki...I am totally impressed  
with the Wiki-style of communicating languages and articles  
well as SignWriting in SignPuddles...all using this open way of  
communicating on the web - such freedom is to be treasured, since  
historically ideas never used to be so open and available to everyone...

Thank you for including Sign Languages in OmegaWiki...

Regarding using SignWriting on OmegaWiki right are some  

1. Can OmegaWiki accept graphics? I assume the answer is yes...since  
I see the sentence that Charles gave you is now posted there!

Since that is the case, complete sentences and articles could be  
posted as graphics files, by taking a screen capture of a document  
written in SignPuddle and posting the sentences as graphics. See  
attached file below...

2. Another idea...if you can develop OmegaWiki to except SWML, then  
we can produce the documents in SignPuddle, and then export using  
SWML, to use on OmegaWiki. (As you know, SWML is a form of XML...the  
SignWriting Markup Language...)

3. A third idea is to give us the ability to post PDF files on  
OmegaWiki. Then, the reader would click on a PDF file to read the  
SignWriting article. We can create PDF files of our SignWriting  
documents, either from SignPuddle or SignBank...

4. A fourth idea is to create a link inside the OmegaWiki article,  
that links the reader to the document stored in the Literature  
Library in SignPuddle, so they read the document on SignPuddle in  
vertical columns, but still feel like they are really on OmegaWiki...

In SignBank, another program of ours, we can actually open SignPuddle  
as a web page, inside SignBank while we are still in SignBank, so you  
never leave SignBank to read documents in is an  
amazing feature built into SignBank now...

All these are thoughts for the moment!

What do you think?  Val ;-)

PS. Here is a screen capture taken from Adam Frost's opening web page  
on his site:

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