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February 18, 2007

jallali Abdelfatteh wrote:
> hello, I am Abdelfatteh, I am a research worker in the field of the  
> languages of modelisation of the signes. I read a document pdf in  
> quotes www.signwriting.org which interprete conversion since SWML  
> towards the BAP video sequences of the signs coded into SWML.  
> Information that I seek etant how determiner the movement when I  
> find a symbol of mouvement.c' has to say ya is a rule has to apply  
> when I find a symbol of movement for determiner the movement  
> ettendu. jallaliabdelfatteh at yahoo.fr


Hello Jallali!

I will be happy to help you with the rules of Movement Symbols and  
what they mean in SignWriting. Write to me to ask questions about  
specific arrows.

Meanwhile I found the paper that you are referring to...

It was a project in Greece, using SWML to animate a figure using Sign  
Language. I do not know if that project continues or not.

Synthesis of Virtual Reality Animations from SWML
using MPEG-4 Body Animation Parameters

by Maria Papadogiorgaki,
Nikos Grammalidis,
Nikos Sarris, Michael G. Strintzis

Nikos Grammalidis
ngramm at iti.gr

This paper presents a novel approach for generating VRML animation  
sequences from Sign Language notation, based on MPEG-4 Body  
Animation. Sign Language notation, in the well-known SignWriting  
system, is provided as input and is initially converted to SWML  
(SignWriting Markup Language), an XML-based format which has recently  
been developed for the storage, indexing and processing of  
SignWriting notation. Each sign box (basic sign) is then converted to  
a sequence of Body Animation Parameters (BAPs) of the MPEG-4  
standard, corresponding to the represented gesture. These sequences,  
which can also be coded and/or reproduced by MPEG-4 BAP players, are  
then used to animate H-anim compliant VRML avatars, reproducing the  
exact gestures represented in sign language notation. Envisaged  
applications include producing signing avatars for interactive  
information systems (Web, E-mail, info–kiosks) and TV newscasts for  
persons with hearing disabilities.

Download complete paper on this web page:

Val ;-)
Sutton at SignWriting.org

See attached...

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