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February 18, 2007

On Feb 14, 2007, at 1:35 PM, Stuart Thiessen wrote:
> So for the sign CONTINUE, I would have thought that was written  
> right. I guess I am trying to understand the benefit of the extra  
> distinction? I thought it was helpful to eliminate the redundancy  
> of two arrows when the movement information is the same. I have  
> always been tempted by the idea of using the general arrow in every  
> case where the movement is the exact same for both hands (parallel  
> movement) because in those cases, it seemed unnecessary to write 2  
> arrows when the movements are parallel and identical (like the ASL  
> signs WAY, CONTINUE, YOUNG, GO-AHEAD, GO, etc.). Just trying to  
> understand better. Comparison and contrast help me understand the  
> "why". :)

See the attached diagram. The signs on the left-and-down, are the way  
the DAC and I wrote the signs for CONTINUE all these years, with both  
right and left arrows. And with your writing on the right, Stuart,  
because you have a Contact Star of course we know what you mean. I  
can see the sign for CONTINUE does have some contact and is so  
close...but the signs for GO and WAY have separate movement  
paths...they are not touching so they are Parallel Paths, and I want  
to create something that would write that easily without us thinking  
they are Overlapping Paths. You see, in some writing, the sign can  
start with hands far apart and then move into an Overlapping Path  
after the movement starts (during the movement)...later I will try to  
show you some really cool examples from the writing of Danish  
storytelling by Bente Sparrevohn in the 1980s...what a magnificent  
document she created writing the nuances of storytelling...and Bente  
wrote arrows that started right and left, then blended to become  
overlapping and then split apart into separate right and left arrows  
once again, without writing it as separate signs, because it wasn't a  
separate sign, it was a descriptive sign of people walking and  
bumping into each other and person walking in front of the  
other and then separating...

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