Matthew 24:13 - Obey God

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Tue Feb 20 12:23:27 UTC 2007

Looking at this writing with everything stretched out does come out confusing as the hands look as if they have traveled farther.  The left hand ends sort of in front of the face if I sign it to myself, so drawing it with both the closed position and the open position is a struggle.  Perhaps you should just put the end hand on the movement, and have the bent hand on the sign above rather than as they are "open" as that would get the hands started in the right position. 

Jonathan <duncanjonathan at> wrote:  This sign is obey as in "obey God". It should end with 5 hand. I have
redone it. Please let know if it is done right.

I'm not feeling so sure where I should put the "open at knuckle" symbol. 
The right hand start near the forehead and the left hand in front of
the chest. But when I put all of the symbols in, it looks like hands
have traveled much further than they really have.

Valerie Sutton wrote:
> I do not understand what this sign is doing...Both hands are moving up
> and forward diagonally in the same direction, but what is their ending
> position? Does it end slightly more open, or does it end with 5 hands?
> Can you write this one for us again with the ending position too? What
> does that sign mean?
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