second czech workshop

Honza honza at RUCE.CZ
Tue Feb 20 21:17:58 UTC 2007

Hi Europe, Val and all,

as you may know, after international workshop in Prague, I arranged in 
the second czech biggest city (Brno) in the east part of country czech 
national workhop

I arranged it with support of "Support Centre for Disabled Students" at 
University there.
Workshop lasted just one day, because I expected also people from 
another party of country and also from Slovakia (finally they couldnot 
come), so they didnot have arrange accomodation.

Although the number of participant was limited, we get 18 registrations.
Finally 15 participants came + 2 interpreters, who were intepreting for 
hearing participts. but participated as well.

We were teaching in two (alternating).
If you are interested in program:
workhop lasted from 10am till 5:30pm
morning: what is SignWriting, short history, basic symbols and rules 
with reading exercises .
afternoon first part, more symbols and rules with reading exercises, 
www, SignPuddle, SignMail, translate.
second part - working in groups - reading 3 questions written in 
SignWriting, answering, then part of czech translation of Goldilock (see 
here: ) and each group working out few more 
sentences in SingWriting.
Before the end - two participants showed the whole story with ending of 
other group (had to read it and show)

I think workhop was very succesfull (btw all two left Stefans books was 
sold in a minute)
After the end, some participants told me: they believe SignWriting will 
be used in Czech schools soon (in few years).
Also one teacher (hard of hearing) who teaches deaf children drama, 
likes to teach them how to write the manual alphabet in SignWriting.

its a pity I dont have photos yet, so will send it later.

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