Thought about organizing by signs.

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Yes. That helps a lot. Thanks. 



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Feb 22, 2007

> On Feb 22, 2007, at 10:07 AM, Adam_Frost_ wrote:
> I was just wondering how these two signs (PLUS and TO) would be  
> ordered. They both have the same symbols, and the placing of the  
> symbols is exactly the same except for a slight shift of the  
> dominate hand. Which would go first in the SSS? (I think that is  
> what it is called.) Adam PS Happy Birthday Val!

Thank you! ;-)

These are sorted with Finger Location Symbols, which are some of the  
symbols that still have to be added to the IMWA. They will be placed  
at the end of the Finger Movement section of symbols (when they are  

There are two factors that make these signs different. Finger  
Location-Height, and Finger Location-front or back or side.

The tip of the finger comes first in height. So the second sign would  
come before the first one in a dictionary sorted by SSS...

Hope this helps!

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