My first Unicode string for SignWriting

Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Wed Dec 10 15:14:51 UTC 2008

Hi list,

Unicode has been mentioned many times before, but never with a fully 
qualified solution.  My solution is called the Plane 3 Solution and is 
fully implemented at the encoding level.

I encoded  the ASL sentence for "Hello world." as 2 signs and 1 
punctuation using 4 different forms.

The size breakdown is very interesting.
The image uses 1,550 bytes.
The XML uses 357 bytes.
The compact form uses 84 bytes.
Sign language data uses 42 bytes.
UTF-8 uses 84 bytes.

You can see all 4 forms online:

Here's the contents of my first Unicode string for SignWriting in UTF-8:
f0 80 82 80 f0 81 b3 a0 f0 8f a3 94 f0 8f a3 ac f0 88 9d 86 f0 8f a3 aa 
f0 8f a3 be f0 80 82 80 f0 83 8b aa f0 8f a2 9e f0 8f a4 94 f0 83 8b a1 
f0 8f a2 97 f0 8f a3 bb f0 85 bb 80 f0 8f a2 b1 f0 8f a4 81 f0 8b 8e b4 
f0 8f a2 a9 f0 8f a3 a5 f0 8e b0 a0

The conversion between sign language data and Unicode will be easy to 
program in low level programming languages such as C.  I personally 
prefer the compact form which is the same size as the Unicode data but 
easy to handle in modern programming languages.

In 2009, I hope to begin work with an organization called OASIS to 
review and finalize the open standards of SignWriting.  You can read 
about my other plans for 2009 if you're interested.

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