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Valerie Sutton sutton at SIGNWRITING.ORG
Wed Dec 9 23:07:01 UTC 2009

SignWriting List
December 9, 2009

On Dec 9, 2009, at 2:45 PM, MARIA AZZOPARDI wrote:
> I tried to look in my inbox for an email correspondence where you  
> told me
> what program it is that you use for creating SignWriting Documents?  
> I'm
> quite sure you've already told me yikes! but i can't find it. So  
> would you
> be so kind and give me the full name of the product again, because we
> intend to purchase it for the project, if of course it is runs on  
> Windows.
> Many thanks and apologies again,
> maria

Hello Maria!
Thank you for this message. Great to hear from you again. And no  
problem, I fully understand. I lose things daily in my office, and  
oftentimes cannot find old messages too... I am always happy to help ;-)

Below is one of my old messages about was all the way back  
on July 30th, 2009...

I use Adobe InDesign. I have created templates for the book layout  
design for SignWriting documents that use 4-columns on a portrait  
style page (SW4), for the Gospel According to John, and other SW4  
documents, so once you get the Adobe InDesign program, I can send you  
those templates and I can also help you learn the software. I can  
teach you how I did the layout step by step. To download a one-month  
free trial of Adobe InDesign, or to purchase the program, go to:

Adobe InDesign CS4 Homepage

It is expensive, unfortunately, but for people who are professional  
book layout designers, it is worth the money...

I only wish our DocumentMaker program could be equivalent to Adobe  
InDesign, but that is is good for short little  
documents, but not for long books...

So...tell me when you get the program. I have to upgrade to InDesign  
CS4. I have CS2 at the moment...

Val ;-)


On Jul 30, 2009, at 2:23 PM, Valerie Sutton wrote:

> SignWriting List
> July 30, 2009
> Hello SignWriting List!
> I have been working on the book design and layout, for printing the  
> 21 chapters of the Gospel According to John in American Sign  
> Language, translated from the New Living Translation by Nancy  
> Romero, edited by ASL editor Lucinda O'Grady Batch (thank you Nancy  
> & Cindy ;-)
> Since we decided to publish the Gospel of John in SignWriting Level  
> 4, which means four columns per page, in portrait style pages, I  
> decided to use a book-design program called Adobe InDesign for this  
> very large book preparation, since it may involve 500-600 pages when  
> we are done, and our DocumentMaker Pro program, no matter how much I  
> love it, needs to be improved from a software development  
> perspective, and our non-profit organization does not have the funds  
> right now to invest in improving DocumentMaker...someday we will!
> So instead, since I used PageMaker years ago to prepare books, and  
> since PageMaker was purchased by Adobe, they made it possible for  
> PageMaker users to transfer all their old documents into Adobe  
> InDesign. I had hundreds of book-layout files in the old PageMaker  
> so I had a big job transferring all those old files into Adobe  
> InDesign, but over time I learned Adobe InDesign and I enjoy using  
> the program...
> There are two programs used most for large book-layouts...Quark  
> Express and Adobe InDesign...and there are others that are terrific  
> for mathematical textbooks and so there is a big world  
> out there with so many software choices...I know lots of people use  
> Microsoft Word...I understand how to use Adobe InDesign better, and  
> I love the way it makes PDF files, since Adobe is the developer of  
> the PDF format...they have the creation of PDF files built into the  
> program, which is a great help. It also coordinates well with Adobe  
> Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat...
> So I have started the SignWriting 4-column layout for the 21  
> chapters of the Gospel According to John in Adobe Indesign now ...I  
> created a template with a table for the four the  
> lines between the columns a light grey color, and I established the  
> exact Column Height, width and so forth in SignPuddle ColumnMaker to  
> match my template in Adobe InDesign.
> So if there are any of you who also use Adobe InDesign, or would  
> like to learn, and you would like to have a copy of the template I  
> have established for SignWriting Level 4 documents (4-column  
> portrait documents), please tell me and I will send you my template,  
> with instructions on how to coordinate with SignPuddle's ColumnMaker  
> features, which are just superb! (thank you, Steve! ;-)
> Here, attached, is a sample of the first chapter of the Gospel  
> According to John. I will add more chapters later....
> Hope you all have enjoyed your July!!
> Val ;-)
> See attached -
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