so sorry if i have already asked this question

MARIA AZZOPARDI maria.azzopardi at UM.EDU.MT
Wed Dec 9 23:13:35 UTC 2009

Thanks ever so much!

> Hello Maria!
> Thank you for this message. Great to hear from you again. And no
> problem, I fully understand. I lose things daily in my office, and
> oftentimes cannot find old messages too... I am always happy to help ;-)
> Below is one of my old messages about was all the way back
> on July 30th, 2009...
> I use Adobe InDesign. I have created templates for the book layout
> design for SignWriting documents that use 4-columns on a portrait
> style page (SW4), for the Gospel According to John, and other SW4
> documents, so once you get the Adobe InDesign program, I can send you
> those templates and I can also help you learn the software. I can
> teach you how I did the layout step by step. To download a one-month
> free trial of Adobe InDesign, or to purchase the program, go to:
> Adobe InDesign CS4 Homepage
> It is expensive, unfortunately, but for people who are professional
> book layout designers, it is worth the money...
> I only wish our DocumentMaker program could be equivalent to Adobe
> InDesign, but that is is good for short little
> documents, but not for long books...
> So...tell me when you get the program. I have to upgrade to InDesign
> CS4. I have CS2 at the moment...
> Val ;-)
> ----------
> On Jul 30, 2009, at 2:23 PM, Valerie Sutton wrote:
>> SignWriting List
>> July 30, 2009
>> Hello SignWriting List!
>> I have been working on the book design and layout, for printing the
>> 21 chapters of the Gospel According to John in American Sign
>> Language, translated from the New Living Translation by Nancy
>> Romero, edited by ASL editor Lucinda O'Grady Batch (thank you Nancy
>> & Cindy ;-)
>> Since we decided to publish the Gospel of John in SignWriting Level
>> 4, which means four columns per page, in portrait style pages, I
>> decided to use a book-design program called Adobe InDesign for this
>> very large book preparation, since it may involve 500-600 pages when
>> we are done, and our DocumentMaker Pro program, no matter how much I
>> love it, needs to be improved from a software development
>> perspective, and our non-profit organization does not have the funds
>> right now to invest in improving DocumentMaker...someday we will!
>> So instead, since I used PageMaker years ago to prepare books, and
>> since PageMaker was purchased by Adobe, they made it possible for
>> PageMaker users to transfer all their old documents into Adobe
>> InDesign. I had hundreds of book-layout files in the old PageMaker
>> so I had a big job transferring all those old files into Adobe
>> InDesign, but over time I learned Adobe InDesign and I enjoy using
>> the program...
>> There are two programs used most for large book-layouts...Quark
>> Express and Adobe InDesign...and there are others that are terrific
>> for mathematical textbooks and so there is a big world
>> out there with so many software choices...I know lots of people use
>> Microsoft Word...I understand how to use Adobe InDesign better, and
>> I love the way it makes PDF files, since Adobe is the developer of
>> the PDF format...they have the creation of PDF files built into the
>> program, which is a great help. It also coordinates well with Adobe
>> Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Acrobat...
>> So I have started the SignWriting 4-column layout for the 21
>> chapters of the Gospel According to John in Adobe Indesign now ...I
>> created a template with a table for the four the
>> lines between the columns a light grey color, and I established the
>> exact Column Height, width and so forth in SignPuddle ColumnMaker to
>> match my template in Adobe InDesign.
>> So if there are any of you who also use Adobe InDesign, or would
>> like to learn, and you would like to have a copy of the template I
>> have established for SignWriting Level 4 documents (4-column
>> portrait documents), please tell me and I will send you my template,
>> with instructions on how to coordinate with SignPuddle's ColumnMaker
>> features, which are just superb! (thank you, Steve! ;-)
>> Here, attached, is a sample of the first chapter of the Gospel
>> According to John. I will add more chapters later....
>> Hope you all have enjoyed your July!!
>> Val ;-)
>> See attached -


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