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Hi Val and everyone,

    Val, thank you for your answer.

    Let me show you a sign for FACIAL EXPRESSION.

    Hand waving

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> November 3, 2009
> On Nov 3, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Gagnon et Thibeault wrote:
>> Hi Adam and everyone,
>> If the writer uses two separate heads for one sign in the SignText,
>> the reader assumes that there are two different signs, not only one
>> sign precisely because of the two separate heads.  It is easier to
>> read two separate heads for one sign in the  SignPuddle dictionary
>> than in the SignText.
> Thank you, Andre, for this message, and I will let Adam answer you on
> the other issues...
> Regarding the issue of dictionary entries and SignText entries, which
> you mention above...
> I think what you are really saying is that when we write full
> sentences in SignWriting, and the reader is reading down the column,
> that maybe the reader might think that the two-headed sign is really
> two separate signs...
> That is why I mentioned that the two heads need to be closer together
> in the one sign...without so much space between the reader
> knows they are ONE sign and not can be done...there is a
> technique to it...
> Of course there are many ways to write and some people do not write
> with two heads as much as i do possibly - ha!
> Let me show you an example of a two-headed sign...
> The sign for Facial Expression in ASL is a little like a compound
> sign, and the two heads are written close together. If these were two
> separate signs, there would be more space between the heads:


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