SignWriter Beta 2

Jonathan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Fri Nov 20 13:45:39 UTC 2009

Hi Everybody,
    Thank you for trying out and giving me feed back on my first Beta.  
I have fixed several bugs. Please let me know of any I have overlooked 
so far.

Download SignWriter Studio Beta 2 

A Dictionary for the database with ASL 
<>signs in 
it. You can create your own dictionaries.
I know there will be several bugs but that is why we have a Beta 
versions.  So feel free to share your opinions and any bugs you find.

    * Please let me know of anything you feel needs improving.
    * Please suggest better keyboard shortcuts
    * Please suggest better default lookup names for symbols in the
      favorites list.
    * Any features you would like to see in future versions.
    * Try and crash the program
    * Ask all the questions you like after reading the help file.
    * The Beta 2 expires December 19th 2009.  The next betas will have
      later expiry dates.

*Improvements since Beta 1*
Progress bar added when loading.  Faster loading time especially after 
loading the first time.
No longer automatically replaces symbols in the sign.  Must press Alt-C 
to change the selected symbol.
Fixed bug that kept user from selecting some symbols.
Arrow keys now move symbols instead of rotating the symbols.

Fixed bug that affected saving Dictionary entries.

Now can edit signs from the Document in the SignEditor

*Opening File*
User is told what sign languages and gloss languages are in the dictionary.

User can select from more sign languages.

Fixed error with exporting to SignText
Fixed error with importing long SBML glosses.
Improved SBML import function.  Added progress bar for very long imports.

Will run .NET Framework 3.5 instalation when installing for people who 
don't have it installed yet.
Will now run on Vista 64 bit operating.

Windows Installer 3.1 
or later is recommended. (except for Windows 98/ME, which require 
Windows Installer 2.0 
later).  Most computers already have this installed.
Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 
older computers which may not already have it installed.
*.NET Framework 2.0* 
and up 
Most computers already have this installed.

*Supported Operating Systems: *Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows Server 
2003;Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later; Windows 98/ME --

Jonathan Duncan
email: duncanjonathan at <mailto:duncanjonathan at>
         joyoduncan at <mailto:joyoduncan at>
Cel: 9784-9775
Tel: 213-5285 <>
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