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November 20, 2009

Hello Jonathan!
Thank you for your hard work and creating a new computer program for  
SignWriting! Wow...very exciting!

Today I am trying to test your new Beta 2 version, but because I am a  
novice when it comes to Windows, and also because my Windows XP laptop  
is not used that much, I have had to take some time to update my  
computer to be able to use SignWriterStudio...

First, I was required to download and install the .NET Framework, and  
I am not sure if I did it all properly...There are apparently updates  
on that I am supposed to install etc...But nonetheless, I was able to  
download SignWriter Studio and open it, but now I need some basic  
instruction...I tried to look for some basic instruction how to start  
the program...I am able to open it, but I do not know how to find  
something in the dictionary...I found the dictionary, and typed in the  
word "hello" to search for that sign, and it did not find anything...I  
bet I didn't get the ASL dictionary properly installed? I downloaded  
it but maybe it is not accessing it?

I am so sorry I am such a novice...

I clicked on your link at the bottom of your email that says "The  
SignWriter Studio" to see if there is an instruction manual or page  
online, and i received a message saying "Sorry, Bad Request" from  
Yahoo...I will send you a screen capture privately...

I am sure I will be using SignWriter Studio very soon and I am really  
looking forward to it -

Thank you, Jonathan!

Val ;-)


On Nov 20, 2009, at 5:45 AM, Jonathan wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
>     Thank you for trying out and giving me feed back on my first  
> Beta.  I have fixed several bugs. Please let me know of any I have  
> overlooked so far.
> Download SignWriter Studio Beta 2
> A Dictionary for the database with ASL signs in it. You can create  
> your own dictionaries.
> I know there will be several bugs but that is why we have a Beta  
> versions.  So feel free to share your opinions and any bugs you find.
> 	• Please let me know of anything you feel needs improving.
> 	• Please suggest better keyboard shortcuts
> 	• Please suggest better default lookup names for symbols in the  
> favorites list.
> 	• Any features you would like to see in future versions.
> 	• Try and crash the program
> 	• Ask all the questions you like after reading the help file.
> 	• The Beta 2 expires December 19th 2009.  The next betas will have  
> later expiry dates.
> Improvements since Beta 1
> SignEditor
> Progress bar added when loading.  Faster loading time especially  
> after loading the first time.
> No longer automatically replaces symbols in the sign.  Must press  
> Alt-C to change the selected symbol.
> Fixed bug that kept user from selecting some symbols.
> Arrow keys now move symbols instead of rotating the symbols.
> Dictionary
> Fixed bug that affected saving Dictionary entries.
> Document
> Now can edit signs from the Document in the SignEditor
> Opening File
> User is told what sign languages and gloss languages are in the  
> dictionary.
> Options
> User can select from more sign languages.
> Import-Export
> Fixed error with exporting to SignText
> Fixed error with importing long SBML glosses.
> Improved SBML import function.  Added progress bar for very long  
> imports.
> Instalation
> Will run .NET Framework 3.5 instalation when installing for people  
> who don't have it installed yet.
> Will now run on Vista 64 bit operating.
> Prerequisites
> Windows Installer 3.1 or later is recommended. (except for Windows  
> 98/ME, which require Windows Installer 2.0 or later).  Most  
> computers already have this installed.
> Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 for older computers  
> which may not already have it installed.
> .NET Framework 2.0 and up. Most computers already have this installed.
> Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows  
> Server 2003;Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later; Windows 98/ME  
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