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Hi Val!
    Great hear that you are trying out my program.  Well if .Net said 
that it installed then that should be all there is to that part as there 
is no configuration to do.  If you were able to start the program then 
both the program and the .Net are properly installed which seems to be 
your case.
    There is help by clicking Help from the menu and then Help from the 
drop down or pressing F1.  If describes what each part of the program 
does in detail.
    But you pointed out a something I yet have to do.  Write basic 
instructions on how to use the program.
So here goes the first draft to be latter included in the help file.

    * Download and save the program from SignWriter Studio.
    * Double click on the installation file to run it.  Accept all
      prompts.  If prompted to repair .Net 3.5 you can opt to cancel.
    * Click on Start, the Program, click on the SignWriter Studio
      program folder.
    * Click on the SignWriter Studio program.  The program will start if
      it has not expired (Beta 2 Expires December 19, 2009).  If it has
      expired you will see the About dialog box which lets you register
      and apply a license.
    * If you already have SignWriter Studio File (which contains a
      dictionary of any number of sign languages and gloss languages and
      the signlists) click on File/Open SignWriter File.   Choose the
      file you wish to open. (Eg.  ASL.SWS) The program will have this
      same files selected the next time you open the program.  You can
      have several files on your computer.  Most people will only ever
      use one.  You can now use the Dictionary and SignLists menus from
      the Edit menu. Document menu is always available no matter whether
      or not you opened a SignWriting File.
    * If you don't have a SignWriting File.  Click on File/New
      SignWriter File.  This will create a new blank file to add
      Dictionary and Signlist entries.  You can now use the Dictionary
      and SignLists menus from the Edit menu. Document menu is always
      available no matter whether or not you opened a SignWriting File.
    * In the Options you can change the signlanguage you are working
      with in the Dictionary and also the gloss languages and if you
      want to work with two gloss languages simultaneously.
    * In the Dictionary, type part of the gloss you want to find in the
      Dictionary.  You can also search by symbol by the button at top. 
      You can add new signs.  Double click on them to edit them.  You
      can add pictures of what the sign represent and a still picture of
      someone performing the sign.
    * In the Sign list you make a list, sublist and add signs from the
      dictionary to the sublists.  They can then be printed out.
    * In the Document you can right click to get the menus.  You can add
      signs from the Dictionary or from the SignEditor or even pictures
      throughout the document.  The Documents are saved each one it it's
      own file much like a Word Document.

  Have fun exploring.  Remember help is just F1 key away.  Let me know 
if you have any questions.

Thanks for all of your input everybody.


Valerie Sutton wrote:
> SignWriting List
> November 20, 2009
> Hello Jonathan!
> Thank you for your hard work and creating a new computer program for 
> SignWriting! Wow...very exciting!
> Today I am trying to test your new Beta 2 version, but because I am a 
> novice when it comes to Windows, and also because my Windows XP laptop 
> is not used that much, I have had to take some time to update my 
> computer to be able to use SignWriterStudio...
> First, I was required to download and install the .NET Framework, and 
> I am not sure if I did it all properly...There are apparently updates 
> on that I am supposed to install etc...But nonetheless, I was able to 
> download SignWriter Studio and open it, but now I need some basic 
> instruction...I tried to look for some basic instruction how to start 
> the program...I am able to open it, but I do not know how to find 
> something in the dictionary...I found the dictionary, and typed in the 
> word "hello" to search for that sign, and it did not find anything...I 
> bet I didn't get the ASL dictionary properly installed? I downloaded 
> it but maybe it is not accessing it?
> I am so sorry I am such a novice...
> I clicked on your link at the bottom of your email that says "The 
> SignWriter Studio" to see if there is an instruction manual or page 
> online, and i received a message saying "Sorry, Bad Request" from 
> Yahoo...I will send you a screen capture privately...
> I am sure I will be using SignWriter Studio very soon and I am really 
> looking forward to it -
> Thank you, Jonathan!
> Val ;-)
> ---------
> On Nov 20, 2009, at 5:45 AM, Jonathan wrote:
>> Hi Everybody,
>>     Thank you for trying out and giving me feed back on my first 
>> Beta.  I have fixed several bugs. Please let me know of any I have 
>> overlooked so far.
>> Download SignWriter Studio Beta 2
>> A Dictionary for the database with ASL signs in it. You can create 
>> your own dictionaries.
>> I know there will be several bugs but that is why we have a Beta 
>> versions.  So feel free to share your opinions and any bugs you find.
>>     • Please let me know of anything you feel needs improving.
>>     • Please suggest better keyboard shortcuts
>>     • Please suggest better default lookup names for symbols in the 
>> favorites list.
>>     • Any features you would like to see in future versions.
>>     • Try and crash the program
>>     • Ask all the questions you like after reading the help file.
>>     • The Beta 2 expires December 19th 2009.  The next betas will 
>> have later expiry dates.
>> Improvements since Beta 1
>> SignEditor
>> Progress bar added when loading.  Faster loading time especially 
>> after loading the first time.
>> No longer automatically replaces symbols in the sign.  Must press 
>> Alt-C to change the selected symbol.
>> Fixed bug that kept user from selecting some symbols.
>> Arrow keys now move symbols instead of rotating the symbols.
>> Dictionary
>> Fixed bug that affected saving Dictionary entries.
>> Document
>> Now can edit signs from the Document in the SignEditor
>> Opening File
>> User is told what sign languages and gloss languages are in the 
>> dictionary.
>> Options
>> User can select from more sign languages.
>> Import-Export
>> Fixed error with exporting to SignText
>> Fixed error with importing long SBML glosses.
>> Improved SBML import function.  Added progress bar for very long 
>> imports.
>> Instalation
>> Will run .NET Framework 3.5 instalation when installing for people 
>> who don't have it installed yet.
>> Will now run on Vista 64 bit operating.
>> Prerequisites
>> Windows Installer 3.1 or later is recommended. (except for Windows 
>> 98/ME, which require Windows Installer 2.0 or later).  Most computers 
>> already have this installed.
>> Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) 2.8 SP1 for older computers 
>> which may not already have it installed.
>> .NET Framework 2.0 and up. Most computers already have this installed.
>> Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows 
>> Server 2003;Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3 or later; Windows 98/ME --
>> -- 
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