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Gerard Meijssen gerard.meijssen at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jan 5 13:50:57 UTC 2010

I received the best of news from Valerie and Steve... The signwriting
extension for MediaWiki has reached its alpha state :) This means that it is
now finally possible to start the procedure, the testing that is to lead to
Wikipedias in SignWriting.

There are already two requests; one for American Sign Language and one for
Danish Sign Language. There is a procedure for the creation of new
Wikipedias. One requirement is the localisation of some 500 messages. Given
that SignWriting is a top down language, and top down languages are
currently not supported, I will be happy with a vibrant community and some
300 articles in ASL.

There will also be a need to test the software itself, it will be necessary
to discuss the options at the Wikimedia Foundation.

2009 could not end better bringing us the creation of the first iteration of
the SignWriting extension. I hope and expect that 2010 will bring us an ASL
project that will bring us a lot of attention. I wish everyone a happy,
healthy and wealthy new year :)

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