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Steve Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue Jan 5 16:52:04 UTC 2010

Hi Gerard,

Thanks for the words of support.

The SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin is still beta, but as far as it goes, 
the SWMP is ready to go.

I'd like to talk about what the plugin is and what it isn't.

The plugin is compatible with open culture due to the specific licenses 
chosen.  The font is available under the Open Font License.  The 
documentation is available under Creative Commons by-sa.  The code is 
available under the GPL.

The plugin uses the open standard data format of Binary SignWriting.  
BSW is documented and implemented within the SignWriting Image Server.  
BSW libraries are available for JavaScript and PHP.  BSW has a working 
Unicode encoding/decoding proposal.

The plugin is really a SignWriting media viewer and editor.  Entire 
sections of sign text can be displayed within MediaWiki.  The sign texts 
are displayed as several image columns.  Multiple sign texts can be used 
on each article page. 

The SignText editor is directly available within MediaWiki.  Each 
section of sign text can be loaded in the editor, with the changes saved 
back to the article page. 

The plugin has several limitations:
1) no internal or external linking within a sign text
2) no page names in SignWriting
3) no markup integration
4) not human readable within MediaWiki edit
5) long lines make for an ugly diff
6) no localization

I'm very proud of the SignWriting MediaWiki Plugin.  It's only going to 
get better from here.



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