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January 24, 2010

Hello Everyone!
Just want you all to know that I am here...Just trying to catch up  
with several jobs that did not get done earlier this month. I had some  
health issues over New Year's, and I am fine now, but it means that  
the "end-of-the-year" paperwork, that is required of non-profit  
organizations in the US, did not get done earlier this month, as they  
normally would. Now I am working on the bookkeeping and Treasurer's  
Report for 2009, because the US government requires that we submit two  
reports both due on January 30th. I hope to complete both by  
tomorrow...and then later I will write the 2009 Year-End-Report...

And happily, we have had a slight increase in the number of books  
ordered on Which of course is happy news ;-)  But at the  
moment, I am the only person packaging and sending those orders  
out...So tomorrow I plan to ship those orders, plus Erika's big box of  
books and software, for her lab and her students at Oberlin College in  
Ohio...and then...I can start working on posting the following to the  
List and on the web:

1. Report about Erika Hoffman-Dilloway's visit here, and all that we  
discussed and planned for the future with photos. (It was an inspiring  

2. The PersonalPuddle instruction I promised Stefan and all of  
you...all PersonalPuddle users will benefit from this new instruction...

3. Adam Frost has completed the animated GIFs for Hand Symbols Group 7  
and 8, and I plan to post those in the ISWA Symbol Lessons on the  
web...thank you, Adam!

4. Steve Slevinski has been working on some cool new software and I  
plan to write more about that, from my lay person's perspective and  
what it will mean for all SignWriting users in the future

5. I completed a new book for the SignWriting Literacy Project, that  
is now printed and ready to be donated to schools. Later it will also  
be available for purchase, and also for free download. It is:

Snow White Workbook and Coloring Book, SignWriting Level 1

Here is a photo. I do not have this on the web yet, but it is coming  
( can see your hand photos in this picture):

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Later this year, I hope to create more printed books for Snow White,  
in SignWriting Levels 2, 3 and 4...

So this at least gives you an idea of some of my plans, and meanwhile  
I know all of you have important projects using SignWriting. I hope  
you will write to the List and give us a report from your desk too!!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton
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