Ordering Signs in Dictionaries

Jonathan Duncan duncanjonathan at YAHOO.CA
Tue Aug 12 20:47:36 UTC 2014

Hi Charles,
     I enjoyed your symposium *"Ordering Signs in Dictionaries" 
* I was wondering if Steve and Val had been able to find you a 
solution.  Val mentioned that she thought that Steve would have an easy 
way for you to do your sorting.

I would like to implement a sorting algorithm for SignWriter Studio as I 
haven't implemented any yet and I am starting to produce a Honduran Sign 
Language dictionary.

I understood how you are doing the ordering comparing hand shapes, 
comparing rotations, comparing facings, comparing facial areas, etc.  I 
like it very much.

A couple things I wanted to ask.

For your algorithm to work properly does the sign sequence of a sign 
need to be filled out?  I am getting the impression that your sorting 
could sort dictionaries without the sign sequence, is this assumption 
correct?  Or would it sort signs according to the symbols in sign 
sequence?  It doesn't seem to take into account the order of the symbols 
in the sign sequence, is this correct?

Also do you have another document comparing the other symbols like 
movement symbols, etc?  If so could you send it to me?



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