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Eugene Helimski wrote:

>In my opinion, OLD ZYRYEN SCRIPT is more appropriate than the (partly)
>misleading OLD PERMIAN (PERMIC) SCRIPT. The Russian name "permskaja azbuka"
>stems from the times when the Zyryens were referred to as "perm'
>vychegodskaja". The English ethnonymic tradition does not possess such
>reminiscences and must not reproduce them.

In that case we should not use "Zyryen" or "Syrjän" either, because those
have negative connotations. Komi would be better in such an instance (in
English, at any rate).

Most of the literature I have seen seems to prefer Old Permic. The
principle book is Lytkin's _Drevnepermskij jazyk_ (Moskva 1952). Stipa
wrote an article "Der Ursprung der permischen Schrift" in 1961, and in his
Sprachforschung book he also calls it "Permisch Alphabet". It's attributed
to Stefan of Perm. I can't find my reference just now, but I am pretty sure
that the Estonian name is vanapermi- something.

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