FU9 programme

Johanna Laakso jolaakso at cc.helsinki.fi
Tue Aug 1 14:40:52 UTC 2000

Dear All,

Pertti Pyhtilä has informed us about the programme of CONGRESSUS NONUS
INTERNATIONALIS FENNO-UGRISTARUM (Tartu, 7th - 13th August) available in
Finnish at http://www.finst.ee/fu9.htm .

You can also consult the FU9 pages (http://www.ut.ee/Ural/fu9/) or contact
the Information Bureau of the University of Tartu (tel: +372-7-375604,
-375681, fax: +372-7-375686).

FU9-INFO: tel/fax: +372-7-375222
e-mail: fu9 at ut.ee

President Tõnu Seilenthal, tel +372-56-605418
General Secretary Anu Nurk, tel +372-56-605419

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