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Dear Ura-list members,

I have two font problems and a bit of information:

1. I have a problem concerning the FUPA (Finno-Ugric Phonetic Alphabet)
fonts in a PC computer. Our university has practically stopped technical
and other support the Macintosh computers in our university, which made me
to consider to change from Macintosh to PC.  In my Mac I have used the
Fluralic (FUPA) font produced by JL-Types ky. (In our department some other
Macintosh FUPA fonts made by The Research Institute for the Languages of
Finland are also in use.) I asked the seller of Fluralic font
(; e-mail joni at if there is a version of
Fluralic for PC, but the answer was negative. My question is: how do you
others write FUPA fonts in a PC? Or are there any other researchers of
Finno-Ugric languages who use PC?

2. The other problem concerns the locations of the Cyrillic letters in the
keyboard. I have used the Smolensk cyrillic font of JL-Types in which the
cyrillic letters are mainly under the same keys as in the Finnish (or other
western) keyboard. As I usually write with 10 fingers and not looking at
the keys using a Russian keyboard with its strange key order would be a
nightmare to me! Are there any Smolensk-like fonts in the PC environment?
How do you change the locations of the letters in a keyboard in MS Word or
MS Office? Are there any other cyrillic fonts that have the special letters
used in some Finno-Ugric languages (e.g. Udmurt, Mari).

Information: The next version of the commercial scanned text recognition
program FineReader ( will be able to recognize Mari
and Udmurt among the great number of languages it is able to handle.

Jorma Luutonen

dosentti, tutkija                  PhD, Docent, Research officer
Volgalaiskielten tutkimusyksikkö   Research Unit for Volgaic Languages
20014 TURUN YLIOPISTO              FIN-20014 UNIVERSITY OF TURKU, Finland
puh.  (02) 333 5302 (työ)          tel. +358 2 333 5302 (university)
      (02) 251 4346 (koti)              +358 2 251 4346 (private)
faksi (02) 333 5312                fax  +358 2 333 5312
sähköposti luutonen at         e-mail luutonen at

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