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Esa Anttikoski Esa.Anttikoski at
Thu Aug 17 12:52:04 UTC 2000

Hello Jorma, Johanna and others!

<<The other problem concerns the locations of the Cyrillic letters in
the keyboard. I have used the Smolensk cyrillic font of JL-Types in
which the cyrillic letters are mainly under the same keys as in the
Finnish (or other western) keyboard. As I usually write with 10 fingers
and not looking at the keys using a Russian keyboard with its strange
key order would be a nightmare to me! Are there any Smolensk-like fonts
in the PC environment?>>

I recall there are similar fonts for PC, but do not use them: they are
based on a non-standard encoding, and others will not be able to read
texts in electronic form that have been written using Smolensk and other
similar fonts. Stay out of trouble - use Russian Windows 1251 encoding
for Windows-based applications and KOI8-R for Russian e-mail.

For PC russification instructions, see
and particularly
with information on the so-called "YaWERTY" keyboard layout.

Anyhow, in case you regularly write in Russian, I seriously recommend
that you learn the standard Russian keyboard.

<<How do you change the locations of the letters in a keyboard in MS
Word or MS Office?>>

You can use Janko's keyboard generator to create your own layout, see

<<Are there any other cyrillic fonts that have the special letters used
in some Finno-Ugric languages (e.g. Udmurt, Mari).>>

Yes there are, see

I have created a modified XSerif Uralic font with additional Cyrillic
letters used in Mari, Udmurt, Komi, Mansi and Nenets, see
Information on additional Cyrillic letters currently used for Khanty and
Selkup would be highly appreciated.

And now that we are here, check out my stylized Old Permic font at

Esa Anttikoski, Joensuu, Finland

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