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Forwarded a message that could be of interest for many Finno-Ugrists.

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Subject: Grants for Summer Language Institutes for Russian and
    Non-RussianLanguages of the Former Soviet Union and Its Successor

I received information about  Social Science Research Council  Grants
for Summer Language Institutes for Russian and Non-Russian Languages
of the Former Soviet Union and Its Successor States. Below is the
introduction, and I suggest for more information, you contact

Laleh Behbehanian
Program Coordinator
Social Science Research Council
810 Seventh Avenue, 31st Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 377-2700 ext. 441
fax: (212) 377-2727
behbehanian at


The Eurasia Program of the Social Science Research Council is pleased
to announce a program of support for summer language training
programs in the languages of the former Soviet Union and its
successor States. Funding is provided by the United States Department
of State under the Program for Research and Training for Eastern
Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (Title
VIII). All grants awarded under this program are contingent upon the
receipt of funding from the US Department of State.

Program Scope

This grant program is designed to support the continuation and
improvement of existing summer language programs, as well as to
encourage the establishment of new summer language institutes
dedicated to the languages of the former Soviet Union.  The grants
provided are intended to enhance the ability of the recipient
language programs to provide fellowships to promising students and
financial assistance to teachers enrolling in high-quality intensive
summer programs in the languages of the former Soviet Union, as well
as to support cultural activities that extend and enhance the formal
language curriculum at intensive summer language programs.

Languages currently supported by the program are Azeri, Chechen,
Georgian, Kazakh, Kazan Tatar, Kirghiz, Russian, Tajik, Turkmen,
Ukrainian and Uzbek. Please note that funding for Russian language
programs will only be available for advanced Russian (level III and
upward). Limited funding may also be available for Estonian, Latvian
and Lithuanian.  Applicants for qualified programs in other
non-Russian languages of the former Soviet Union are encouraged.

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